Every complementary health practitioner has first-hand experience of how people who have received their therapy have benefitted. A client may simply report they slept better after a treatment, or really enjoyed having some time ‘just for me’, and from time-to-time Shiatsu, Shin Tai and Craniosacral therapy may bring about dramatic change.

“I write to congratulate Rachel for turning me from a grumpy old man with back pain into someone who can now actually consider dusting his cricket pads down and getting out again and playing some sport.” Rupert, Tisbury

“My hips have felt amazing since you worked on them. They have never felt so relaxed. I have been thinking how grateful I am that I met you and how much you have helped me. I have found you truly inspirational and helpful of a level you just don’t get from many other practitioners. Thank you so much.” Barbara, Salisbury

“During my second pregnancy I had very painful, persistent pubic symphysis dysfunction. Having first tried physiotherapy without success, I was so glad your treatment helped me straight away. With regular visits I was able to relax, and without pain I finally slept well again. I highly recommend Shiatsu to any pregnant women.” Saffron, Downton

“When I first came for treatment I was wearing a heart monitor, having palpitations and headaches, and was very stressed. During my sessions I can switch off totally and relax. The palpitations are gone the headaches are relieved. Thank you.” Laura, Salisbury
“I have been pain-free for 3 weeks after having chronic sciatica for 35 years. This allowed me to be comfortable on a 24 hour flight to New Zealand following the session with Rachel. I am a sceptic, but this has really worked for me and I am amazed and grateful. I have not had a recurrence of sciatica since the first session and am experiencing a very different level of ease on a day to day basis than I used to have.” Jeremy, Salisbury

“My reaction to the session was interesting. My back felt immediately better and the aches have now completely gone. Thank you very much for coming to give me a wonderful session at home.” Caroline, Wincanton

“After so many weeks of severe back pain, I felt much better over the weekend and into this week following my session with you on Friday, thank you so much. The most marked improvement I notice is that now I can lie down in bed on each side without having to turn over every 5 minutes - which has made sleeping easier. It is also much more tolerable sitting at work. Thank you for your letter which I have shown to my employers about seating, and as you suggested, I requested a better seat at work showing the letter from the Doctor stating my problem.“ RT, Salisbury

“When I first started seeing Rachel for treatment I had fairly constant pain from sciatica and my body generally felt pretty weak. After the third session things started to improve and then after the fourth session the pain had gone and my body felt stronger. I have had back pain for quite a few years and have tried chiropractors, physios and pain management specialists. This is the first time that I have felt fully confident in the treatment I received. Rachel, many thanks, you are a star.” KC, Dorset

The following are a selection of receiver experiences about Shiatsu

Shiatsu - relaxing, long lasting and caring
“Shiatsu, my neck is 10 times better. Thank you very much for your time and effort, I really appreciate it. You really put in a lot of care which I believe goes a long way in enhancing my confidence in the treatment.” Alex Green

“Post chemotherapy I had a lot of pain in legs, hips and ankles. Shiatsu sessions are very relaxing and helped a lot. It is very healing and clearing too, I feel all the anxieties, stress and tension disappear after each session. I think Shiatsu is very supportive. Just can’t wait to lie down and close my eyes!” Deirdre

“The outcome is that I feel so relaxed and great after a session and as a result I manage to be less stressed. For the firs time in my life I didn’t suffer from massive hay fever last year.” Philippe

Shiatsu as a last resort!
“Prior to receiving Shiatsu I felt as though my life was drifting away from me and things were spiralling out of control. I believe that Shiatsu has given me back my life and control. After a year off sick with back pain I receive regular Shiatsu treatments and am immediately feeling the benefits. My circulation has improved and Shiatsu gives me a calm balanced feeling as stress is reduced. Back pain is a debilitating condition that affects many people and having an impact on everyday life. Reduced pain level has enabled me to return to work, manage my social life and actually begin to enjoy life again.” Claire McLoughlin, Nurse

What some athletes say about Shiatsu
“Clears up niggles and tightness after long bike rides: also gives me a chance to unwind and re-balance mentally and emotionally as well as physically.”

“I recently tore ligaments in my left ankle playing football. My ankles have always been a problem and since the treatment, not only have I not suffered any recurrences, but I also believe the treated area to have strengthened.”

“As a Karate Instructor I coach and train over 20 session a week. By the end of the week my body and mind are very tired. I found that my Shiatsu sessions removed the pain from strained muscles and help to reposition my skeleton so I can move with more fluidity. IT revives my energy levels and leaves me in a vey happy and relaxed state of mind. I tell everyone if they are not feeling themselves to get a treatment. Everyone is surprised at how great they feel after a treatment.” CD

“Highly relaxing, I’ve found Shiatsu beneficial for both injury and rehabilitation and prevention. Since Shiatsu focuses on the whole body, I often find my practitioner has discovered and worked on several niggles before they can develop into full blow in furies. Regular treatments have enabled me to keep pushing my body whilst both training and climbing.” Karin, rock climber.

“I have taken up ing distance triathlons. A forthcoming Ironman race meant increased training - weekly mileages swim - 4 miles, bike 150-210 miles and run 40 miles. I arranged a Shiatsu consultation as swimming in a wetsuit created extra pressure on my joints making it painful to swim more than 30-45 minutes. Treatment was deep, although never uncomfortable. After the session, the pain certainly reduced and the mobility in my right arm improved considerably with a distinct improvement in swim performance. I now use some of the stretches my practitioner showed me as part of my pre-swim warm up."