Trainers, riders and owners frequently offer feedback about their horse following a bodywork session. For example they can feel easier under saddle, more fluid, supple, comfortable, and sometimes a change in demeanour is observed.

It became clear to me early on during her training in the Masterson Method that Rachel has a natural and intuitive approach to health and healing with both humans and horses that works. Her wealth of knowledge about the principles of healing translates very well into improving movement and performance, as well as well-being in the horse, and I would recommend her without reservation to anyone interested in improving either. Jim Masterson, Equine Massage Therapist for USET Endurance Teams, and equine clientele competing in FEI World Cup, Pan American and World Games competitions

Any rider can pinpoint slight restrictions in their mount’s way of going. Rachel’s treatment compliments this. After giving her a brief summary of your horses’ history, her feedback can offer great insight to what we feel in the saddle and about our their character. Rachel really cares about her subjects, and her knowledge and understanding of each of them is enlightening. She takes the time to listen and explain the treatment. In my experience, after a session with her, young horses to older competition horses feel looser, have more freedom of movement and are more physically capable of our demands. Ongoing treatment can be especially valuable and is an education in itself. Owen Moore, International event rider and trainer

We have had good results with my competition horses that Rachel treats, including NZB Land Vision in the run up to his Badminton victory in 2011. She has a relaxed, professional approach, always taking the time to work by feel. Mark Todd MBE, CBE, Event Rider of the 20th Century, 2 times Olympic Gold Champion, 4 times Badminton Champion, 5 times Burghley Champion

Thanks again for coming to see my Icelandic Mo. I took him for a walk yesterday afternoon and I couldn’t believe how much better his stride length was with the lame leg. He was tracking up beautifully and the injured joint was so much freer than before. I would love for you to come and work on him again. Sara D, Dorset

I believe the major break-through achieved was the with craniosacral treatment from Rachel. Gradually Millie has become completely un-head shy and enjoys her head, ears and top neck being groomed on the right / off side as much as the left/near side. She is a far happier horse in every way which is wonderful. Penny Copeland, Somerset

Your understanding and treatment of my horse has really made a big difference. He felt more relaxed afterwards which is unusual for him, and I now ride him differently too. He has found a better rhythm and way of going, and we even did our first xc training for 2 years this weekend. Thank you very much. Olivia Heywood, Berkshire

Thank you for coming to us last week, we all enjoyed it so very much. It was amazing to see all the horses’ reactions to their treatment and I appreciated your professional approach, respecting our horses’ needs and sensitivities. They all were brilliant the next day and enjoyed long, relaxed hacking. On Saturday, the cantering horses had steady canters and were very responsive to what was asked of them, not feeling fresh or strong but very chillled in their work and mentally happy. Erin Niering, Whitley Farm Race Training and Rehabilitation, Bodmin.

Thank you for the time you spend here. One success story is the chestnut dressage mare who came for rehabilitation following a MCL injury. This, plus a suspensory injury, left her off work for nearly a year. Her recovery gathered momentum and she improved greatly once you began regular treatments with her. Her whole demeanor has softened too, and her owner is delighted. The vet has now given her the all-clear to be ridden again. We consider you a valuable member of the team, helping with the rehabilitation process for our horses. Carolyn Bourchier, The New Horse, Bittles Brook Farm, Motcombe